GTSI prides itself on its global, top-notch faculty team, which includes world-class instructors selected from Georgia Tech's main campus in Atlanta, USA. Many of them are IEEE fellows, members of the National Academy of Engineering or the National Academy of Sciences, recipient of endowed chairs and professorships, or masters in their respective field of research. Meanwhile, GTSI also recruits outstanding faculty from all over the world in accordance with standards not lower than those of Georgia Tech. Building on the first-class faculty team and recruitment system of Georgia Tech, GTSI now has a diverse team of outstanding instructors. Moving forward, GTSI will continue to provide all students with rich educational opportunities with  top-level faculty.

Students of dual masters degree programs are also assisted by experienced academic advisors from Tianjin University (TJU). Please click here for the full list of TJU advisors.


Faculty List

  • Carlton S. Wilder Associate Professor
    Environmental Engineering
    Research interest:
    Innovative materials for environmental applications; Environmental nanotechnology; Water and wastewater treatment; Energy and resources recovery; Environmental monitoring; Energy conversion and storage.
  • Assistant Professor
    Research interest:
    Sustainable Operations Management Humanitarian Logistics Nonprofit Organizations Resilience of Transportation Networks