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Dr. Min Luo
Adjunct Faculty
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Min Luo is currently a part-time graduate faculty at Georgia Institute of Technology and an independent consultant. He retired from industries after completing 30+ years of successful professional career, including over 20 years of management positions and Chief/Executive Architect at Huawei Central Research Institute, IBM Software Group and Global Services, and two of the Fortune 500 transportation companies. He has been serving as adjunct/honorary professors in several universities worldwide.

He is an established expert in the field of next negation software defined networking (SDN) and cloud resource management, enterprise architecture and information systems, whole life cycle software application and product development, business intelligence and process optimization. He is a pioneer and educator in service-oriented architecture (SOA), model/business-driven architecture and development (MDA-D), and component/object-oriented technologies.

Research Interests
  • Next negeration of networking systems, especially the intelligent and adaptive resource management and control;
  • Large scale optimization problems for industrial applications and systems;
  • Software engeineering, especially the model-driven arhcitetcure and design for enterprise systems
Distinctions & Awards
  • Presidential Team Award for Contribution to Advanced SDN Solutions for Carriers, Huawei, 2014
  • Presidential Team Award for Advances and Contributions in SDN, Huawei, 2013
  • IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, 2005
  • Heritage Who’s Who among Executives and Professionals, 2004
  • IBM Asian Leadership Award, 2003
  • Conrail Service Excellence Award, 1998
Publications & Patent


20+ US and internationally granted patents

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